Gulf Wars Food Prep: Jan 20, 2019


The time has come to begin preparing my food for Gulf Wars. In keeping with the trend I established for myself many years ago, I will be going down to the event with food that doesn't require being kept cold. This often means several pieces of handmade charcuterie, and pickled foods of varying sorts.

Unlike those who travel with a stockpile of fresh foods, the curing/aging time required means I have to begin preparing my food well in advance. On the other side of that coin, any food that I don't eat can be used at a later time, reducing the amount I'd need to make for Lilies War in June.

The Menu...

Having done the bulk for my supply shopping, I've come up with the following items as the main components of my food for the week:

-Beef/Pork Sausage (similar to Sabina Welserin's bratwurst recipe)

-Prosciutto, prepared according to Messisbugo's methodology

-A fermented salt pork, prepared two ways Both batches will be fermented, with one batch also getting a beneficial mold culture applied

-Pickled asparagus

-Balsamic mustard

-Honey/pomegranate spread

-A simple "biscuit" (hardtack)

-Prince biscuit (a slightly sweet hardtack)

Making Ready

Given there are  limited number of hours in the day, not everything can be prepared at once, but because of the various starter cultures being used, a number of projects will need to be done concurrently.

As I prepare the various foodstuffs, I will update this page accordingly. The updates will take the form of the items in the menu becoming links to their respective processes.

What's different?

Those of you who are particularly familiar with my work will see a number of goods that I've been known to make in the past. You may ask, "I thought you were going to try more free-form this time. What's different?" To that, I am supplying the following deviations from those staples in my preservation arsenal.

Welserin's bratwurst: The biggest difference here is a shift in the meat ratios. Normally, it's 2 parts of beef, 2 parts pork, 1 part bacon. Since I didn't have any previously-made bacon available, I omitted it, and am going with a 3:2 beef:pork ratio. I am also going to be applying both beneficial bacteria and mold cultures.

Prosciutto: This will closely follow Messisbugo's instructions, but like with the bratwurst, bacteria and mold cultures will be applied as well.

Salted Pork: This is my most experimental food that I will be making. Both batches will be prepared in the same way, with salt being replaced every few days, just as Columella outlines. The addition of the bacteria culture is the constant variable, with the mold culture being applied to only one. I'll then be able to compare the two items side by side.

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