Monthly Update: Jan 2019

In an effort to improve content, both longstanding and coming soon, I am going to be posting updates monthly.

These updates are going to serve as a sort of "State of the Blog". Behind the scenes updates, as well as planning content for the month ahead.


A Quick Hippocras: This project came to an unfortunate end. The product wasn't fermenting in any way that I could tell. I believe this was due to the presence potassium sorbate that I didn't know of until later.

Backslopping: This project has yet to go farther than preparing the ground pork. Given the use of Prague Powder and the active sauerkraut liquid, I'm confident that what is in my refrigerator is still safe and stable. That being said, the lactobacillus may have slowed down, or even died, so buying a commercial culture may be required for my next attempt.

Subscriptions: Lately, I have noticed some issues with how the subscription system is handling with sending out the notifications. The current system is being assessed for improvements, and modifications. Any who are already subscribed will have their email addresses migrated to any new system. Future subscribers will not have anything to worry about, unless such subscriptions are sent in the middle of updates/transitions. Should that happen, I will reach out to you to address any issues.

New Content

Pathogens: Having only covered E. Coli and C. Botulinum, I still have a few well-known food-borne pathogens to write about. Next is going to be Salmonella, followed by Listeria.

Projects: As I prepare my food for Gulf Wars this March, I will keep in mind the insatiable craving for knowledge my readers have. Foods I have yet to cover will be documented as I am able to. These projects will contribute to content for both January and February.

With so much to do, I still want to take time to thank all of you who read my blog. It's always humbling to have people tell me "Oh, you write *that* blog?! Cool!", or other similar things.

I hope to continue to provide suitable content for years to come.

So again, thank you all.

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