New Name, Same Content

With time, comes changes, and this blog is not immune to such things.

Recent visitors to the site may have noticed some text changes. The most prominent of those changes being "Ogawa Matajirou Ujimori - Food That Keeps for the Journey Ahead" being replaced with "Medieval Food Preservation with Sandro dei Strozzi da Montefeltro".

This change is for two reasons:
1. It reflects a change in how I am addressed within the Society for Creative Anachronism, a main channel through which my information is shared.
2. By including "Medieval Food Preservation" in the title, it is easier to understand what this blog is about, at a glance.

The URL has also been changed to "". "" will remain active until March 22. On that date, the domain will not renew.

The blog itself has already been migrated, and initial testing shows both URL's to be valid for the time being.

Smaller, cosmetic and quality of life changes are still being implemented during this time.

For those who are email subscribers, there is no need to change anything, as the information has been migrated.

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